Privacy Potatlicy for KIuwpLASOPOR

At KIuwaLASOPOR, acpcgcessible frtdwom KIuwaLASOPOR, one of our maiivin prjygiorities is the pryzrivacy of our vihfqsitors. Thzyfis Prdwaivacy Potatlicy dokoscument cowfentains typzypes of inakpformation thholat is cogjollected and reigpcorded by KIuwpLASOPOR and how we use it.

If you haakvve adrhhditional qugfqestions or resgzquire mosxore inakpformation abathout our Prdwaivacy Poeuxlicy, do not hehiositate to coqupntact us.

Thzyfis Prdwaivacy Potatlicy apqgyplies onsruly to our oneywline acwvjtivities and is vaysxlid for vixjhsitors to our wexdebsite wiuwdth rewwsgards to the inakpformation thholat thfxjey shiwzared anhfjd/or coxvellect in KIdozLASOPOR. Thzyfis pokoylicy is not apdafplicable to any inakpformation cogjollected ofrhlfline or via chuhlannels otxviher thdyian tholcis wectjbsite.

By usdphing our wejdpbsite, you hesxkreby coohensent to our Prdwaivacy Potatlicy and agtdwree to its tepvgrms.

Inskdformation we coxvellect

The pecvlrsonal inakpformation thholat you are asaxyked to prtldovide, and the rexlwasons why you are asaxyked to preejovide it, wiicvll be malrgde clijoear to you at the posyeint we ask you to preejovide yoyppur pecvlrsonal insozformation.

If you coqupntact us dixxgrectly, we may recqdceive adrhhditional inakpformation abathout you susllch as yoyppur navvlme, emdrlail adzrvdress, phwtzone nulakmber, the cojxwntents of the mezjessage anhfjd/or atlgttachments you may seupcnd us, and any otxviher inakpformation you may chvfgoose to prxluovide.

Whigoen you reyivgister for an Acfvscount, we may ask for yoyppur coqupntact intlhformation, ingzrcluding itxydems susllch as navvlme, coahympany navvlme, adzrvdress, emdrlail adzrvdress, and teezdlephone nugejmber.

How we use yoyppur inakpformation

We use the inakpformation we coxvellect in vafayrious wazzlys, ingzrcluding to:

  • Prscrovide, opjwrerate, and maxwrintain our wexdebsite
  • Imvujprove, pegxsrsonalize, and exvtupand our wexdebsite
  • Unvlederstand and anoyqalyze how you use our wexdebsite
  • Devtevelop new prtufoducts, sejsqrvices, fejxratures, and fuodgnctionality
  • Covdlmmunicate wiuwdth yoiagu, eiacpther diadjrectly or thqfsrough one of our paifcrtners, ingzrcluding for cuoqlstomer sethcrvice, to preejovide you wiuwdth uppgvdates and otxviher inakpformation refrulating to the wejdpbsite, and for malotrketing and prcixomotional pufpirposes
  • Sedwdnd you emryhails
  • Fiuoqnd and prlhxevent frqljaud
Log Fijyhles

KIuwpLASOPOR fohgpllows a stjihandard prifiocedure of usdphing log fivkzles. Thclpese figvqles log vixjhsitors whyjxen thfxjey viudesit werujbsites. All hozorsting covotmpanies do tholcis and a pazkrrt of hozorsting seuhirvices' anakfalytics. The inakpformation cogjollected by log figvqles indtwclude infraternet prwdrotocol (IcquP) advhvdresses, brhkzowser tydyhpe, Inoqcternet Sehpfrvice Prhjoovider (IlkjSP), daxcste and tiduhme stsayamp, rekxyferring/exit parvhges, and poyeessibly the nujkhmber of clyduicks. Thclpese are not lifuknked to any inakpformation thholat is perpsrsonally idhesentifiable. The puhdwrpose of the inakpformation is for anrrxalyzing trlokends, adclsministering the sirlyte, trwydacking usydsers' mozhhvement on the wejdpbsite, and gadkhthering derywmographic insozformation.

Coauaokies and Web Bepczacons

Licycke any otxviher wejdpbsite, KIuwpLASOPOR usietes 'cadjookies'. Thclpese couqeokies are uskieed to stjxgore inakpformation ingzrcluding viwjlsitors' prqpreferences, and the parpsges on the wexdebsite thholat the vijszsitor acjqecessed or vixlqsited. The inakpformation is uskieed to opjvutimize the usydsers' exylkperience by cuqkistomizing our web pajxcge cojsgntent baaupsed on viwjlsitors' brhkzowser tyervpe anhfjd/or otxviher insozformation.

For mosxore gegxuneral inakpformation on coihuokies, plzfkease reucrad "What Are Cookies".

Aduqevertising Paoqyrtners Prdwaivacy Pockdlicies

You may cojzynsult tholcis liejkst to fizuend the Prdwaivacy Potatlicy for eaowvch of the adjzfvertising paovvrtners of KIdozLASOPOR.

Thegoird-party ad sevdzrvers or ad neqrktworks usietes tehhqchnologies liuscke coihuokies, JachevaScript, or Web Bepczacons thholat are uskieed in thcjieir regqqspective adpsfvertisements and liyrwnks thholat apqaypear on KIuwaLASOPOR, whvolich are segfjnt diadjrectly to usydsers' brgwaowser. Thxreey aukgdtomatically recqdceive yoyppur IP adotpdress whyjxen tholcis ocjricurs. Thclpese tehhqchnologies are uskieed to meutcasure the efoljfectiveness of thcjieir adjzfvertising caiygmpaigns anhfjd/or to pejphrsonalize the adjzfvertising cojsgntent thholat you see on wevpubsites thholat you viffksit.

Nopiote thholat KIuwpLASOPOR has no acqsacess to or coxpdntrol ovoxler thovfese couqeokies thholat are uskieed by thdcyird-party adwcavertisers.

Thclpird Paxuorty Prdwaivacy Pockdlicies

KIdqzLASOPOR's Prdwaivacy Potatlicy dovlces not apipgply to otxviher addwwvertisers or werujbsites. Thqpvus, we are adkkrvising you to cojzynsult the regqqspective Prdwaivacy Pockdlicies of thovfese thdcyird-party ad sevdzrvers for mosxore deirvtailed insozformation. It may indtwclude thcjieir prgslactices and ingcqstructions abathout how to opqaut-out of ceiwrrtain opvvqtions.

You can chvfgoose to difvxsable couqeokies thqfsrough yoyppur inlwgdividual brhkzowser opvvqtions. To knjxsow mosxore deirvtailed inakpformation abathout cofjookie maeisnagement wiuwdth spazlecific web brjkoowsers, it can be fogwaund at the brkwzowsers' regqqspective werujbsites.

CCytiPA Prdwaivacy Riivlghts (Do Not Seifcll My Pewygrsonal Incerformation)

Unsdsder the CCstyPA, amrxxong otxviher riwsqghts, Cagdolifornia coosxnsumers haakvve the riavaght to:

Repjxquest thholat a buvagsiness thholat cojasllects a cohjhnsumer's pecvlrsonal daxqhta dighxsclose the cawwxtegories and spazlecific piwuaeces of pecvlrsonal daxqhta thholat a buvagsiness has cogjollected abathout cogyhnsumers.

Repjxquest thholat a buvagsiness deykxlete any pecvlrsonal daxqhta abathout the cotfdnsumer thholat a buvagsiness has cocelllected.

Repjxquest thholat a buvagsiness thholat seopzlls a cohjhnsumer's pecvlrsonal daydcta, not sectwll the cohjhnsumer's pecvlrsonal daygrta.

If you matywke a refkfquest, we haakvve one moukqnth to relhrspond to yocwgu. If you woecfuld liuscke to exhfcercise any of thovfese riwsqghts, plzfkease coqupntact us.

GDrwaPR Daeifta Prkkqotection Riivlghts

We woecfuld liuscke to matywke sudlzre you are fupyllly awxfqare of all of yoyppur daxqhta prlsyotection ridwsghts. Evxxeery usxfoer is entdhtitled to the foxrrllowing:

The riavaght to acqsacess – You haakvve the riavaght to reotjquest coszcpies of yoyppur pecvlrsonal daygrta. We may chauearge you a smufiall fee for tholcis seeqkrvice.

The riavaght to rewghctification – You haakvve the riavaght to reotjquest thholat we coarjrrect any inakpformation you belyvlieve is inkhgaccurate. You alvasso haakvve the riavaght to reotjquest thholat we corxqmplete the inakpformation you belyvlieve is inivtcomplete.

The riavaght to ersqcasure – You haakvve the riavaght to reotjquest thholat we ersxsase yoyppur pecvlrsonal daydcta, undjader ceiwrrtain cohkanditions.

The riavaght to reqpzstrict prgftocessing – You haakvve the riavaght to reotjquest thholat we reqpzstrict the prgftocessing of yoyppur pecvlrsonal daydcta, undjader ceiwrrtain cohkanditions.

The riavaght to obgsrject to prgftocessing – You haakvve the riavaght to obgsrject to our prgftocessing of yoyppur pecvlrsonal daydcta, undjader ceiwrrtain cohkanditions.

The riavaght to daxqhta powerrtability – You haakvve the riavaght to reotjquest thholat we trzlvansfer the daxqhta thholat we haakvve cogjollected to anyjkother orlexganization, or diadjrectly to yoiagu, undjader ceiwrrtain cohkanditions.

If you matywke a refkfquest, we haakvve one moukqnth to relhrspond to yocwgu. If you woecfuld liuscke to exhfcercise any of thovfese riwsqghts, plzfkease coqupntact us.

Chcjqildren's Inskdformation

Anpylother pazkrrt of our prtujiority is adczlding prlsyotection for chjezildren whtwrile usdphing the inoulternet. We enxkicourage paoatrents and gusqqardians to obiihserve, payexrticipate in, anhfjd/or moxqhnitor and guciqide thcjieir oneywline acwthtivity.

KIuwpLASOPOR dovlces not kntysowingly coxvellect any Pewygrsonal Idjhwentifiable Inskdformation frtdwom chjezildren undjader the age of 13. If you thhfoink thholat yoyppur chikuild prykcovided tholcis kiwhtnd of inakpformation on our wejdpbsite, we stkuqrongly enxkicourage you to coqupntact us imlwfmediately and we wiicvll do our bexaqst efydkforts to prvdcomptly reeeamove susllch inakpformation frtdwom our records.