A Photocopied Travel Notice To Home

Because they drove from Traverse City, illinois to Tucson, Az, I wrote some words, & photocopied it to send to family & friends. This is the to begin the two.

Travel Notice #1

Sunday, 12/13/03 – lovely morning. Welcome to your holiday form notice. we have been in Arizona nowadays. The sun is certainly shining & it’ll be inside sixties at this time, that ought to melt the snow on the home windows soon. Ana’s feet doesn’t appear to be broken, because they notion, as a result they took an extended walk found in the desert yesterday evening. they found a coyote, most likely the exact two I chased last week, & there have been javelina tracks just about everywhere.

The collection in Safford has books in french, so Ana is enjoying reading given that her eye-patch is off. The physician promised the “divet” remaining by his golf-club-like knife will heal shortly. they found that eyeballs possess a lot of nerve endings, & they believe the thing in her attention might have been a dietary fiber from a yucca flower.

Our uncontrollable coughs are in order now, & they’re not one of the five people in Az that died through the flu this week. Oh, & the antibiotics through the Safford clinic appear to have contributed to Ana’s abcessed teeth.

I should start at the start. The first moment, after coping with the most common rudeness with the INS staff members in Detroit, they managed to get to Kansas. they success a website traffic cone there at broadband, & heard an awful sound via under the truck. The cone, I came across, have been dragging along underneath. Little was shattered, but in the future the excellent light switch quit working.

In Farmington, New Mexico, they put in a few nights resting & coughing. these were about one hour away from investing in a house if they determined it needed latest wiring, received a hose mounted on the gas lines, & other situations they have missed on our primary visit. The brand new bloke begged me to get it, termed our motel bedroom to inform me they called for dollars for open-heart medical procedures in two times, & called yet again to lower the value, but they graduated. Incidentally, the house is to be always a cold months project, not really a new home.

Happily, they drove during daylight from then on. From the Colorado mountains they travelled from 16 to 20 miles-per-gallon, baffling the receptors & evoking the “check engine unit” light to carefully turn on. they properly dismissed it until it evolved it is thought process.

Steve & Ana

Monument Valley was in fact beautiful, the Holiday parade found in Holbrook was in fact cute, & even though various issues & illnesses, we have been having an enjoyable experience. The truth is, I didn’t have to cause you to all jealous, therefore i left out a whole lot – the frequent sun, the stunning sculptures in Grand Junction, & the nine moments we have been in popular springs in Colorado, New Mexico, & Az. Next week we will Mexico for lunchtime. Hope all can be well in az. Adios,